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Thank you so much Dee!!!

Maven CT Tags

Made two new tags using the PTU scrap kit "Maven" by the talented Wicked Princess Scraps which you can buy here or here (which right now you can buy her entire store for $20.00 for her Kits/ PU/& CU or you can buy the kits you want for .88 cents each. I absolutely love this kit- 137 elements and 21 papers- and its GORGEOUS!!!! Many possibilities with this amazing kit.



Always List and new tag

When I am creating I tend to do a lot of it.... This week I have managed to get somethings done and have an always list on both yahoo groups HERE and Facebook HERE. I am just really trying to make some use of time that I just spend sitting around thinking about things and I could be doing something constructive.... So I have made my new facebook group header and a new tag today

 Hope your having a great day!!!



Okay Lets get this Party Started

I am absolutely going to be making a serious effort to get back into this habit I so loved.... I absolutely need some "Me" time. I have always enjoyed PSP but somewhere along the way I lost the urge to create and that's so not me. I have put soooooo much into this hobby whether it be time devoted or even financially.. I realize I cant just throw this all away... this IS ME!!! I will have my days of no MoJo but I am going to be trying my hardest to get back to doing something I loved doing. I have a lot going on in my life and on my mind, that I seriously need a break or a way to escape so PSP here I come....



Wow, Where has time gone

I honestly thought I was only gone for a year and now looking back I see I have been gone from the PSP community for almost two years. I have had a lot of chaos hit our household and I just kinda became a hermit and had no desire to get on my computer or create. I absolutely cant believe that EVER occurred to me considering how much money I have put into this hobby. Funny thing is even though I had no desire to create I tried to stay up to date on some of my favorite artists and their tubes they had released.

I am slowly trying to make a comeback and I don't want to push myself to hard as I don't want to regret this decision. I just need something to occupy some of my time and thoughts because I have way to much going on and I need this escape...

So anyhow I cant wait to see whats going on in the PSP community and cant wait to get back into creating...

Hugs and Love,

My Disclosure

My tutorials are just that- Mine.In other words I really don't want them on other sites or translated. If you would like to share my tutorial then please do just that by sharing the link to my blog or a link straight to the tutorial. At the time I write the tutorial I use the artists website at the time as well as the kit designers link at the time and it would take quite some time to go back and edit all of my tutorials and posts to reflect all changes that happen. So if by chance you cant find something or a link I provided has gone bad please contact me and I will do my best to help! I write tutorials in hopes that others will use them as a guide and send me their results so I can also post others results to show people other samples other than my own. All tutorials are written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I write my tutorials in PSP 9 but they should work with other versions as well. Not all tutorials are for beginners but all levels of creators are encouraged to try working on the following tutorials!!! Have fun... and be copyright safe!!!!


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RIP MOM! I love and miss you more with EVERY passing day!

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